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Launching Your Products in Japan Has Never Been Easier or More Rewarding!

SmartfundingJapan offers optimum solutions for you to launch your innovative, stylish, or green product into the Japanese market.

Our Business

What Do We Offer?

SmartfundingJapan localizes, promotes, crowdfunds, and retails your product in Japan with a distributorship agreement using the following methods:

Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

When used correctly, crowdfunding can be a powerful tool for bringing your product into Japan. We place the utmost importance on this activity, as it has a tremendous impact on the subsequent success of your product in the Japanese market.

Developing Offline Distribution Channels

Incorporating B2B sales channels is the most-effective way of obtaining large quantity orders. We promote your product to major Japanese hobby, home improvement, and lifestyle stores, such as Tokyu Hands, Loft, and Don Quijote.

Developing Online Retailing Channels

We promote and list your product in online shopping malls and marketplaces like Amazon Japan, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten Ichiba, Big Camera, and Yodobashi Camera.

Trade Show Promotion

We exhibit your product at trade shows, including the Tokyo International Gift Show, the largest semi-annual lifestyle and gift trade show in Japan. We handle all exhibition-related costs.

What Do You Get?

You receive a risk-free, stress-free, and time-saving approach to the Japanese consumer market.

Without an in-depth knowledge of Japan’s unique business culture, market, and consumers, launching your product can be time-consuming and stressful. Any mismanagement or mishandling of any aspect of the launch can cost you credibility.

We properly and professionally manage all launch-related activities on your behalf. The best part? We won’t ask you for a penny! You have nothing to lose. It is 100% risk-free! You simply need to produce the required quantity of your product and ship them within the lead time.

※ The procedural responsibilities and product certification costs, if required, are subject to additional discussion.

Why Crowdfunding?

Traditionally, product promotion in a new market requires a significant amount of effort and funds as a result of having to develop the distribution channels and publicize the item. Crowdfunding has eliminated these barriers. You can now enjoy the following benefits by implementing a crowdfunding campaign.

You will gain funds in exchange for the future delivery of your product. It is similar to collecting pre-orders without risk. As long as your product is not currently marketed in Japan, it is eligible for a campaign on Japanese reward-based crowdfunding platforms.

Your product and company will receive tremendous publicity. The media companies will feature your product on their medium (TV, magazines, websites, newspapers, and others).

You can analyze Japanese consumers' reactions and feedback on future improvements and modifications of your product.

A successful campaign will help you brand your product, which will allow you to develop sales channels more efficiently.

Meet the Team

SmartfundingJapan was formed to provide easier and more-effective solutions for overseas enterprises to launch their creative products into the Japanese market. Our experienced, multi-lingual staff ensure a successful launch of your product in Japan.

Success Stories

Amount Raised: Over 21 million yen
Number of Supporters: 3,195
Campaign Period: 30 days

Amount Raised: Over 15 million yen
Number of Supporters: 271
Campaign Period: 50 days

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SmartfundingJapan is a team created and managed by Corettweb to introduce creative overseas products into Japan.

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